Restaurant Software

Dependable, dedicated and cost-effective restaurant management software created with amazing features such as KOT order taking supported by mobile devices and smart phones and stock recipe management system.


  • Customize Food Menus to fit your business.
  • Supports Multiple Staff Shifts.
  • VAT Restaurant system with Financial Accounting.
  • Cafe system with VAT and cafe pos Arabic Billing.
  • Manages Table order, Takeaway, Delivery, staff, complementary, wastage, banquet etc.
  • Supports Sales by cash or Credit cards, multiple currency, credit Sales Billing.
  • Allows KOT tickets Display with bump button or print KOT for kitchen.
  • Multiple or single departments KOT printing (i.e. kitchen area, sandwich area, etc.)
  • Supports cafe pos online table Reservations (additional option).

E- Waiter Software

E-waiter software is an application specially made for restaurants who desires to be competitive through latest technology in this modern age. It is designed for waiters, to make their tasks easy as possible. It eliminates the classic paper and waiter pads which the waiter is using whenever they are taking customer orders.

E-Menu Management Software

E-Menu management software is an application being used by the customers by directly placing their orders even without the physical help of waiters. It is a cross-platform application which can be used using mobile devices like tablets. It allows the customers to browse the full menu and visualize the looks of the menu you are being served by using captivating and mouth-watering food images. With just a few clicks from customer’s table, orders will be directly communicated to the kitchen. It also comes with other features like calculator for check splits and tips. E-menu tablet is a state-of-the-art application which is a cut down version of our tablet waiter application.

Zeldesk -Loyalty & points and programs

To pursue customer loyalty, boost profit and strengthen customer relationship, restaurants take the advantage of Zeldesk-Loyalty & Points and Programs. It is a feature which strongly focuses on excellent customer service. Customers gain points and rewards every time they visits or place an order from your store which excites them to make repeat orders. It makes your customer loyal to you and turns your store forefront at the same time.

inventory system


Zeldesk-Resto coffee shop billing software enables the owners to monitor and track the users’ activity. Upon log-in to the application, it has a strong security which requires designated user ID and password. This owner-defined security protects the business from unauthorized user. Each designated user can be given a special permissions and limitations and there profile can be viewed from the time they logged-in through a special event log. From the screen and functions like Credit, Void, Cancel, Price Change, Discounts, Day End Closing and Reports are completely under Security user levels. Each user levels are configured as follows: Cashier / Chief Cashier / Supervisor / Manager / Programmer.


Zeldesk-RESTO is a powerhouse software for viewing real time sales status from any mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Tabs, android etc.) from anywhere in the world.

Multi-language support

Zeldesk-RESTO’s modules such as billing and receipts can support Arabic Language and comply with the requirements and procedure on how they want to bill their customers. Zeldesk-RESTO is well-acknowledge to globally so we made the package available and customizable for any language if necessary.

How have you benefited?

  • Increase speed for efficient delivery – customer orders directly goes to kitchen through printing or displaying it to cook’s station. This increases the speed of processing the orders and efficiently delivers the accurate order of the customers. It dismisses the wasted time of your waiters walking back and forth to the kitchen just to follow up customers’ orders.
  • Control inventory accurately – Tells you which ingredients are not available and needs for replenishment. Plan your purchasing list effectively to have new and fresh ingredients for your menus and recipes.
  • Eliminates and avoids serving of expired food – Product back-office tracking is a must in a restaurant software management since it alerts you to get rid old and expired ingredients. It automatically eliminates serving these foods accidentally to customers.